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Captain & Tennille: About

The Captain & Tennille are a husband and wife US pop music duo who achieved success during the 1970s. The duo consists of "The Captain", Daryl Dragon (born August 27, 1942), and "Tennille", Toni Tennille (born May 8, 1940) (for years her birth year was erroneously publicized as being 1943).

Both Dragon and Tennille came from musical families. Tennille's father was singer Clark Randall (aka Frank Tennille), a member of the legendary Bob Crosby's Bobcats; her mother was a talk show hostess in Montgomery, Alabama. Dragon's father was the legendary conductor, Carmen Dragon.

When they met in 1971 in San Francisco, Dragon had been performing for a few years as a keyboardist for The Beach Boys and Tennille was staging a musical she had written called Mother Earth at the Marines Memorial Theatre. Read more about ...

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