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Chris De Burgh - Goodnight Lyrics

Well, it's after midnight and the skies are shining bright,
And a big fat moon is dancing on the sea, and I'm thinking oh my...
And that old man in the sky he's looking me right in the eye,
And he's wondering why, and he's saying "Little singer,
Why aren't you sleeping, why aren't you sleeping?"
Oh, the day is hanging heavy on my eyes, I guess the time,
Has come to say goodnight...

And may your dreams take you travelling all night long,
With an angel by your side when the wind blows strong,
Oh stay away from that city, that sad and lonely place,
I will lead you to the river, here's the door,
And the key is turning round,
Close the shutters, do not cry, there's a new moon in the sky,
Oh hold on to your love, until your time has come to say... goodnight.  

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