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Chris Rea - Reasons Lyrics

Set my sails out on a sunny day
Pretty soon I was on my way
Though what for sure it was
I could not say

Two thousand reasons
Maybe more
Eight hundred chances on faraway shores
Searching for something
Searching for more
Deep down inside me burning
Reasons for the learning

Now you can pick up reasons so easily
Where you've been and where you've got to be
And when the truth don't show you'll always see
Lots of reasons

And pretty soon you've got a heavy load
Dragging those reasons down an endless road
I got to thinking and I got to see
So many reasons coming at me

The one that leaves you high and dry
He says you still owe him, there's a reason why
He'll leave you crying till the tears run dry
He's the one, always the one with all the reasons
So many reasons the come and they go
The reasons for them I'll never know
I've seen so many, they've come and they've gone
I've turned all mine in and I'm happy with one

So don't talk of friendship, do it to me
Make me an offer and make it for free
Don't give me reasons 'cos I wrote that song
I only want love now so I'll just take the one  

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