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D12: About

D12 (aka The Dirty Dozen and D-Twizzy) is an American hip-hop group originating from Detroit, Michigan which have had albums reach the top of the U.S., UK and Australian album charts - Devil's Night in 2001 and D12 World in 2004. D12 was formed in 1990, but only achieved mainstream success when their most accomplished member, Eminem, had risen to international fame and notoriety in the early part of the 21st century, although D12 had been a powerful force in the underground rap scene for several years prior.

D12 currently consists of five members:

Proof formed D12 as a rap collective of local Detroit MCs including Bizarre, Eminem, Eye Kyu, Killa Hawk and Fuzz. Charging Soldier was in the group briefly, but was kicked out due to arguments with other members. The group was a loose collective in the vein of Wu-Tang Clan. Several members began making names for themselves in hip hop during the late 1990s. Read more about ...

D12 Lyrics: Albums

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