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Guy Sebastian - Wait Lyrics

Girl, before you turn and walk away
Leave me standing here
Just know I'll always love you
I never wanna make the same mistakes
That I made..
I only have myself to blame
Girl, I'm sorry..


Baby, I will wait for you, forever
However long it takes
For fate, to bring you back to me
I wish I realised
Seen it through your eyes
All the things I put you through
Forever, I will wait..

It's hard to watch you
Move on with your life
Holding back the tears
Wishing I could
Change your mind
Baby, take a minute
Can you look into my eyes
I never meant to make you cry
And girl, I'm sorry..



All the memories of you and me
Tell me where did they go
Now I see, how it can be
So much better than before
I love you still, I'll always will
Pray that things will turn out right
If we can find a way to be together
You and I will see forever, always..

And I will wait...


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