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Injected: About

Injected is an Atlanta hard rock band inspired by acts such as Helmet, Metallica and M?Âtley Cr??e.


After forming in the mid-90's by a group of high school friends and spending years gathering a strong following on the Atlanta rock scene, Injected released its major label debut, Burn It Black, on Feb. 26, 2002 on Island Records. The album was produced by another Atlanta native, former Marvelous 3 frontman and Rolling Stone noted producer Butch Walker (Avril Lavigne, Sevendust, SR-71, Bowling For Soup, Rock Star Supernova). Injected made a video for its first single, "Faithless," and the song became a mild hit on rock charts. Album cuts such as "I-IV-V" and "Burn It Black" were also included on various soundtracks.

Injected spent over a year touring the country in support of the record, and played venues large and small with bands such as Local H, Saliva, Hoobastank, Greenwheel, Nickelback, Default, Sevendust, Incubus, Mesh StL, Fu Manchu, Damone, and Papa Roach. During that tour, guitarist Jade Lemons departed Injected. Danny Grady (lead vocals/guitar), Steve Slovisky (bass), and Chris Wojtal (drums) played most of the remaining dates as a trio.

In Aug. 2004, an Injected concert in Atlanta was filmed for a potential DVD to be called "Live at the Cotton Club," but the footage has yet to be released to the public in its entirety. Videos for four songs, "Faithless," "The Truth About You," "Gene Genie," and "Lie and Defy" can be found at and on YouTube.

By 2005, several songs had been recorded for Injected's sophomore effort, to be titled "The Truth About You." However, sometime in between late 2005 and early 2006, the band's official Web site ( disappeared, leading many fans to question the status of the band and the record. Much speculation ensued, including talk that the rockers had been dropped from their record label. Rumors also began to circulate that Slovisky and Wojtal had left Injected, and that Grady was considering continuing the band with new members.

Injected fans were left to ponder a message on the home page of, which read that while band members had worked hard on a second album, "changes at their (record) label left the band with no support and few options. Under the circumstances the band members decided to go their separate ways."

Fans received a glimmer of hope in summer 2006, as rumors circulated that Injected would continue continue/reform with its original lineup (including Lemons). However, on 8/20/06, Lemons posted comments on a fan-created Injected Myspace page: "...well the rumors aren't true (anymore). We flirted with getting back together, but it's just not gonna happen. too many day to day things keep us having to focus on paying bills, eating, mowing the grass and expanding our waist sizes. oh well...almost right? thanks for the love my friends! take care, Jade"

As of September 2006, the status of Injected is still up in the air, and no release date has been set for an album. However, MP3 versions of four "new" tracks (Speed Metal, Spun Again, Daylight, Dig Me Out) are available on the music section of, and live version videos of three other unreleased songs (The Truth About You, Gene Genie, Lie and Defy) are posted on the site.

Band Members


  • Danny Grady - vocals, guitar
  • Steve Slovisky - bass
  • Chris Wojtal - drums


  • Jade Lemons - guitar


Main Albums

  • Burn It Black (2002)
  • The Truth About You (working title) (TBA)

Independent Album

  • Hammered and Enamored (1995)


  • MTV's Tough Enough 2 - Song: Faithless
  • Spider-Man The Movie - Song: I-IV-V
  • The Scorpion King - Song: Burn It Black
  • 99Xman Soundtrack Volume II - Song: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (U2 Cover)
  • Fast and the Furious - Song: Faithless


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