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Michael Bolton - Eternally Lyrics

(R. Marx/M. Bolton)
Tell me something I could say
To make you feel the power
Of my love for you
Just help me find the way
And every moment, every hour
I'll keep trying to...

Oh I swear I couldn't take it
If I thought you didn't know
Just how sweet you really made it
Music to my soul...

Far beyond all space and time
You'll live within this heart of mine
And forever with you
I will be
Take my heart and take my hand
I'll love you with all I am
When forever's through
I'll be loving you

Within my dreams I knew you'd come
I knew you long before I ever saw your face
You are the only one
And no one in this world could ever take your place
Oh, for as long as I am breathing
Till the stars fall from the sky
You're the one thing I believe in
My every reason why...


I'll love you all my life
Like there was no time before you
And this fire burning for you
Will go on, on, on


From now on
Loving You

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