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Michael Bolton - Forever Eyes Lyrics

I was standing in the moonlight
With my heart in my hands
Life had taken me full circle
And I was meant to love again
Playing all or nothing
I'd given up on love, yeah
Just when I thought
I'd never fall in love again
The bough of my heart opened
And you walked in
With those......

Forever eyes, looking right at me
Now I find myself believing
Love will always be
In your forever eyes
Never say good-bye
'Cause I only want to lose myself
In your forever eyes

There were times you'd see right through me
I'm a child in your hands
But the moment that you touch me
You set fire to this man
Burning inspiration
That's what I feel right now
Waves of emotion carry me along
Your love is like a river
Going on and on
In your....


Forever eyes


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