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Michael Bolton - Hometown Hero Lyrics

Well alright, you put your heart and your soul on the line
You pay the price, you can leave all your dues behind, yeah
You go spinning your wheels, till just one song makes it right
Live your life on the road, now they call you a star overnight
Overnight, overnight, oh no no

Gave it all, for it seemed like ages
Lived the life of a rolling stone
Seen the world from a thousand stages
There ain't no feelin', you've ever known
Like when a hometown boy comes home

This guy's a joker, and this is not the key to your found
And there's always somebody, who thinks he makes a living
From putting you down
You're aware of the odds, just forgetting the chance you must take
When you're bound to a vision, there is no decision to make
No no no


When he comes home
The road is long and you're on your own
But through it all you know your roots run so deep
Out on the rock and roll highway
You make a promise to bring it back home
And that's one promise, you know ya gotta keep


But it's never gonna feel like
When a hometown boy comes home
He's a hometown hero  

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