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Naked Eyes: About

Naked Eyes was an Eighties synthpop duo, best known for their first single, a cover of the Burt Bacharach / Hal David standard "(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me" (Bacharach himself has cited the cover as a personal favourite). The song reached number one in the UK in 1964 for Sandie Shaw. Some versions of this song (including that of Naked Eyes) has the word "(There's)" dropped from the title.

The group consisted of childhood friends from Bath, England, Pete Byrne on vocals and Rob Fisher on keyboards. The two had formerly played in a band called Neon with future members of Tears for Fears and stayed together as a duo after the group broke up.

Their second and third singles, "Promises, Promises" and "When the Lights Go Out", were also hit singles. However, their second album, Fuel for the Fire and the single "(What) In the Name of Love", were not as well-received and the group broke up soon after its release. Read more about ...

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