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Nas: About

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones (born September 14, 1973), known commonly as Nas and styled on albums as NaS, is a prominent American rapper. Raised in the infamous Queensbridge housing projects in New York City and the son of a jazz trumpeter, Nas is best known for his 1994 debut album Illmatic, widely considered one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. This album established Nas as one of hip-hop's most profound lyricists, introducing his signature poetic style.

In the years following the release of Illmatic, Nas pursued a more commercial direction, which resulted in wider success but decreased artistic credibility among critics and hip-hop purists. One such instance was his appearance on PBS' Sesame Street. Furthermore, Nas' increased commercial success was accompanied by stylistic changes that fostered accusations of giving in to corporate wishes that compromised the style his fans enamored. Read more about ...

Nas Lyrics: Songs

Nas 2nd Childhood lyrics 2nd Childhood Lyrics

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Nas Bridging The Gap lyrics Bridging The Gap Lyrics

Nas Come Get Me lyrics Come Get Me Lyrics

Nas Dance lyrics Dance Lyrics

Nas Destroy & Rebuild lyrics Destroy & Rebuild Lyrics

Nas Doo Rags lyrics Doo Rags Lyrics

Nas Dr. Knockboot lyrics Dr. Knockboot Lyrics

Nas Drunk By Myself lyrics Drunk By Myself Lyrics

Nas Ether lyrics Ether Lyrics

Nas Every Ghetto lyrics Every Ghetto Lyrics

Nas Everybody's Crazy lyrics Everybody's Crazy Lyrics

Nas Family lyrics Family Lyrics

Nas Favor For A Favor lyrics Favor For A Favor Lyrics

Nas Fetus lyrics Fetus Lyrics

Nas Get Down lyrics Get Down Lyrics

Nas Getting Married lyrics Getting Married Lyrics

Nas Ghetto Prisoners lyrics Ghetto Prisoners Lyrics

Nas God Love Us lyrics God Love Us Lyrics

Nas Got Yourself A Gun lyrics Got Yourself A Gun Lyrics

Nas Halftime lyrics Halftime Lyrics

Nas Hate Me Now lyrics Hate Me Now Lyrics

Nas Heaven lyrics Heaven Lyrics

Nas Hey Nas lyrics Hey Nas Lyrics

Nas I Can lyrics I Can Lyrics

Nas I Gave You Power lyrics I Gave You Power Lyrics

Nas I Want to Talk To You lyrics I Want to Talk To You Lyrics

Nas If I Ruled The World lyrics If I Ruled The World Lyrics

Nas Intro lyrics Intro Lyrics

Nas It Ain't Hard To Tell lyrics It Ain't Hard To Tell Lyrics

Nas Just A Moment lyrics Just A Moment Lyrics

Nas K-I-SS-I-N-G lyrics K-I-SS-I-N-G Lyrics

Nas Last Real Nigga Alive lyrics Last Real Nigga Alive Lyrics

Nas Last Words lyrics Last Words Lyrics

Nas Life Is What You Make It lyrics Life Is What You Make It Lyrics

Nas Life We Chose lyrics Life We Chose Lyrics

Nas Life's A Bitch lyrics Life's A Bitch Lyrics

Nas Live Nigga Rap lyrics Live Nigga Rap Lyrics

Nas Live Now lyrics Live Now Lyrics

Nas Made You Look lyrics Made You Look Lyrics

Nas Made You Look (Remix) lyrics Made You Look (Remix) Lyrics

Nas Mastermind lyrics Mastermind Lyrics

Nas Me & You (Dedicated To Destiny) lyrics Me & You (Dedicated To Destiny) Lyrics

Nas Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) lyrics Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) Lyrics

Nas Money Is My Bitch lyrics Money Is My Bitch Lyrics

Nas My Country lyrics My Country Lyrics

Nas My Way lyrics My Way Lyrics

Nas N.Y. State Of Mind lyrics N.Y. State Of Mind Lyrics

Nas N.Y. State Of Mind Pt. II lyrics N.Y. State Of Mind Pt. II Lyrics

Nas Nas Is Coming lyrics Nas Is Coming Lyrics

Nas Nas Is Like lyrics Nas Is Like Lyrics

Nas Nastradamus lyrics Nastradamus Lyrics

Nas Nature Shines lyrics Nature Shines Lyrics

Nas Nazareth Savage lyrics Nazareth Savage Lyrics

Nas New World lyrics New World Lyrics

Nas No Idea's Original lyrics No Idea's Original Lyrics

Nas No One Else In The Room lyrics No One Else In The Room Lyrics

Nas Nothing Lasts Forever lyrics Nothing Lasts Forever Lyrics

Nas One Love lyrics One Love Lyrics

Nas One Mic lyrics One Mic Lyrics

Nas One Time 4 For Your Mind lyrics One Time 4 For Your Mind Lyrics

Nas Poppa Was A Playa lyrics Poppa Was A Playa Lyrics

Nas Project Window lyrics Project Window Lyrics

Nas Purple lyrics Purple Lyrics

Nas Pussy Killz lyrics Pussy Killz Lyrics

Nas Quiet Niggas lyrics Quiet Niggas Lyrics

Nas Reason lyrics Reason Lyrics

Nas Remember The Times lyrics Remember The Times Lyrics

Nas Represent lyrics Represent Lyrics

Nas Rest Of My Life lyrics Rest Of My Life Lyrics

Nas Revolutionary Warfare lyrics Revolutionary Warfare Lyrics

Nas Rewind lyrics Rewind Lyrics

Nas Rule lyrics Rule Lyrics

Nas Sekou Story lyrics Sekou Story Lyrics

Nas Shoot 'Em Up lyrics Shoot 'Em Up Lyrics

Nas Shootouts lyrics Shootouts Lyrics

Nas Silent Murder lyrics Silent Murder Lyrics

Nas Small World lyrics Small World Lyrics

Nas Smokin' lyrics Smokin' Lyrics

Nas Some Of Us Have Angels lyrics Some Of Us Have Angels Lyrics

Nas Stillmatic (The Intro) lyrics Stillmatic (The Intro) Lyrics

Nas Street Dreams lyrics Street Dreams Lyrics

Nas Street's Disciple lyrics Street's Disciple Lyrics

Nas Suicide Bounce lyrics Suicide Bounce Lyrics

Nas Suspect lyrics Suspect Lyrics

Nas Take It In Blood lyrics Take It In Blood Lyrics

Nas The Cross lyrics The Cross Lyrics

Nas The Flyest lyrics The Flyest Lyrics

Nas The G.O.D. lyrics The G.O.D. Lyrics

Nas The Genesis lyrics The Genesis Lyrics

Nas The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch lyrics The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch Lyrics

Nas The Message lyrics The Message Lyrics

Nas The Outcome lyrics The Outcome Lyrics

Nas The Prediction lyrics The Prediction Lyrics

Nas The Set Up lyrics The Set Up Lyrics

Nas The World Is Yours lyrics The World Is Yours Lyrics

Nas These Are Our Heroes lyrics These Are Our Heroes Lyrics

Nas Thief's Theme lyrics Thief's Theme Lyrics

Nas Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic) lyrics Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic) Lyrics

Nas Thugz Mirror Freestyle lyrics Thugz Mirror Freestyle Lyrics

Nas U Gotta Love It lyrics U Gotta Love It Lyrics

Nas Undying Love lyrics Undying Love Lyrics

Nas Virgo lyrics Virgo Lyrics

Nas War lyrics War Lyrics

Nas Warrior Song lyrics Warrior Song Lyrics

Nas Watch Dem Niggas lyrics Watch Dem Niggas Lyrics

Nas We Will Survive lyrics We Will Survive Lyrics

Nas What Goes Around lyrics What Goes Around Lyrics

Nas You Know My Style lyrics You Know My Style Lyrics

Nas You Owe Me lyrics You Owe Me Lyrics

Nas You Won't See Me Tonight lyrics You Won't See Me Tonight Lyrics

Nas You're The Man lyrics You're The Man Lyrics

Nas Zone Out lyrics Zone Out Lyrics


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