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Natural: About

Natural was a US American boyband.

The original band was formed in 1999 when future members Marc Terenzi and Patrick King met at a party. Marc Terenzi had a friend Ben Bledsoe, and Patrick had a friend Michael Johnson. The four got together and after subsequent members joined and lost, settled on fifth member Michael 'J' Horn. The five young men tried to get signed on their own but ended up being turned down by most major labels. The press release story goes they had rented out Transcon's rehearsal space and Lou Big Poppa Pearlman caught sight of their act and wanted to sign them immediately.

After that he flew them out to Germany where they had first success among the local girls' hearts in a once aired special reality show. Convinced they could be the new 'N Sync, Pearlman brought them back to the United States. Read more about ...

Natural Lyrics: Songs

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