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Nervous Norvus: About

Nervous Norvus was the performing name of Jimmy Drake (1918-1968).

His novelty song Transfusion was a major hit in 1956, as was a second song, Ape Call, released later that year.

Transfusion's lyrics concern a careless driver who cheerfully receives a blood transfusion after an accident. Each stanza concludes with the refrain "Never ever ever gonna speed again" followed by lines such as "Slip the blood to me, Bud" or "Pour the crimson in me, Jimson."

The song was played by Barry Hansen on the radio, which reportedly led to Hansen's eventual nickname of Dr. Demento.

Nervous Norvus was born in the year World War 1 ended and was almost 40 by the time he had his 2 hit singles in 1956. His records were made with input from one time jazz trombonist Red Blanchard who he was sending demos to in the hope of finding an artist to record them. Read more about ...

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