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Nick Gilder: About

Nick Gilder (born December 21, 1951 in London, England) first came to prominence as frontman for the Canadian glam rock band Sweeney Todd. They had a number one hit, "Roxy Roller", which held on to the top spot in the Canadian music charts for 3 weeks in 1975. It went on to win a Juno Award for bestselling single the following year.

Feeling they had international scope, Gilder and fellow band member, guitarist and songwriting partner, James McCulloch left the band and signed an American record deal.

It wasn't until his second solo album, which spawned the smash hit "Hot Child in the City", that Gilder finally had chart success in the United States. That song went to No.1 both in Canada and the US. It also earned him two more Juno Awards: Best Selling Single and for Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year in Canada as well as a People's Choice Award in the US. Read more about ...

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Nick Gilder Hot Child In The City lyrics Hot Child In The City Lyrics


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