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Nina Sky: About

Natalie and Nicole Albino (born March 13, 1986 in New York City) are identical twin sisters who sing under the name "Nina Sky".

Their parents moved from Puerto Rico and were divorced when the girls were very young. The twins' mother remarried a DJ, who also happened to be Puerto Rican. They grew up in the Queens and Roosevelt Island sections of New York.

Because their stepfather worked as a DJ, the twins were influenced by different types of music. When the sisters were only 7 years old, they wrote their first song, "Sisters", and by the time they were 10, they already knew that they wanted to become singers.

The twins' parents were very supportive of their daughters' ambitions. Their stepfather even gave them guitar and drum lessons. They were taken to auditions and, on some occasions, they even performed on some showcases. The sisters wanted to devise a name of their own. Read more about ...

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