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Nine Days: About

Nine Days is a rock band which was popular in the early 2000s. Formed in Long Island by John Hampson and Brian Desveaux, their mainstream debut album, The Madding Crowd, was released in 2000, marking Nine Days' entrance to the music scene. Their peak of popularity came from a handful of hits from The Madding Crowd such as "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" and "If I Am".

Another album, So Happily Unsatisfied was scheduled for release in 2003. Unfortunately due to complications with their record label, Sony, the album was never actually released as the band was no longer in possession of the rights of the songs. However the album is available for legal download from . In 2006, Nine Days' official website updated with a statement that the album would finally see an actual release, but no other specifics were given.

After the split with Sony, the band released another album under their own record label. Read more about ...

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