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Nitty: About

Nitty (born Frank Ross) is a rap/hip-hop artist from Dallas, Texas who started his debut album in 1999.

Recent singles include "Nasty Girl" and "Hey Bitty," the former reaching #1 in sales in the U.S. in 2004, and also debuted at #1 in Australia in 2005. His album is called Player's Paradise.

In an interview with an Australian music video show (So Fresh on Channel 9), Nitty explained that he didn't want to jump into rap as a mean, edgy type of rapper that is the current trend, but more of a nice guy rapper, with lighthearted songs and videos. He calls this style "playboy rap."

Nitty wants to be seen as not only a rapper, but as an entertainer, in the mold of all-around celebrities such as Will Smith. According to his Web site, "Nitty's sole mission is to make hip-hop fun again." Nitty's lyrics are unusual in that they do not feature profanity. Read more about ...

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Nitty Nasty Girl lyrics Nasty Girl Lyrics


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