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Rosemary Clooney: About

Rosemary Clooney (May 23, 1928 - June 29, 2002) was an American popular singer and actress.

She was born in Maysville, Kentucky, about 60 miles up the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio to Andrew Joseph Clooney and Frances Marie Guilfoyle, both of whom were of Irish descent. (Rosemary's paternal great-grandparents, Nicholas Clooney and Bridget Byron, were born in Ireland), although Clooney's paternal grandmother, Crescentia Koch, was German. Her father was an alcoholic and she and her brother and sister were constantly moving back and forth between her parents. Eventually, when Rosemary was 13, she and her sister Betty went to live with their mother and her brother Nick went with their father.

Rosemary, Betty, and brother, Nick, all became entertainers. In the next generation, some of her own children, including Miguel and Rafael, and also her nephew, George Clooney (Nick's son), also became respected entertainers. Read more about ...

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