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Steve Lawrence: About

Steve Lawrence (born July 8, 1935) is an American singer, perhaps best known as a member of a duo with his wife Eydie Gorm?. The two have appeared together since appearing regularly on Steve Allen's The Tonight Show in the mid 1950s.

Lawrence is an actor as well, appearing in guest roles on television shows in every decade since the 1950s, in shows such as The Carol Burnett Show, Night Gallery, Police Story, Murder, She Wrote, Gilmore Girls, and CSI. In the 1960s Lawrence was the star of a variety show called The Steve Lawrence Show, "the last television show in black and white on CBS". Lawrence also appeared in the last season of The Nanny as Fran's never-before-seen father, Morty Fine.

Lawrence portrayed manager Maury Slime in the hit movie the Blues Brothers with John Belushi. Read more about ...

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