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Thirsty Merc: About

Thirsty Merc is an Australian band. The band recorded its First Work EP in 2003. The EP featured "Wasting Time" - the first single which attracted radio airplay in Australia - and second single "Emancipate Myself" which has made the ARIA Top 50. Lindsay Gravina, who has produced albums for The Living End and Magic Dirt produced the band's first full length self-titled album.

Soon after the release of the album, guitarist Matt Baker left the band and was replaced by Sean Carey of Midnight Swim. In August 2005 the album was re-released with two extra tracks, When The Weather Is Fine and an alternate version of Someday, Someday and 'Joelene'.

Band members

As of June 2006, Thirsty Merc consists of:

  • Rai Thistlethwayte - vocals/guitar
  • Phil Stack - bass/ backing vocals
  • Sean Carey- guitar
  • Karl Robertson - drums


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