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Yellowcard: About

Yellowcard is a rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. Their music can be also classified as pop punk. A characteristic of the music of Yellowcard is their use of a violin.

Yellowcard was formed in 1997 in Jacksonville, Florida after meeting at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. The band was made up of six members: Ben Dobson (vocals), Todd Clarry (vocals, guitar), Ben Harper (guitar), Sean Mackin (violin), Warren Cooke (bass guitar), and Longineu W. Parsons III (drums). Yellowcard got their name from partying. Whenever anyone did something stupid, such as drop a beer on the carpet, they enforced soccer rules and gave them a "yellow card" for committing a "party foul". At the beginning of their career there was confusion over how their name was spelled, with or without a space. The band has clarified this by publicly announcing that is spelled "Yellowcard", without a space. Read more about ...

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