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Young Gunz: About

The Young Gunz, composed of Young Chris & Neef Buck, is a hip hop duo from Nicetown on the northside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are former members of Beanie Sigel's State Property collective and are currently signed to the Roc-A-Fella Records label. Young Gunz' debut single, "Can't Stop, Won't Stop", was one of the top 20 on the Billboard charts of 2003.

While growing up in the poverty stricken neighborhood that is Nicetown, Philadelphia, Hanif "Neef" Muhammad & Christopher "Young Chris" Ries made a promise to their mothers that that they would some day "get them out the hood." To achieve this goal, Chris & Neef apperently decided to sell market illegal drugs and narcotics. However, Neef, was inspired by rap music and started to write rap lyrics and perform at the lunch table during middle school. Read more about ...

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