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Young Heart Attack: About

Young Heart Attack (YHA) are a high energy rock band from Austin, Texas which formed in 2001. Chris Smith (known as Frenchie) and bassist Steven T. Hall had previously been in the Sixteen Deluxe'ers and Joey Shuffield in Fastball.

Prior to this incarnation of the band they have had several different lineups. The band originally set up to have several female singers to achieve an almost gospelesque sound. For a significant period of the early stage of the band they were a Seven Piece, gradually members came and went until they ended up with this lineup.

In July 2004, Shuffield left the band to rejoin with Fastball where he would be replaced in YHA by Taylor Young. Young at the time lived in Dallas, TX which made it very awkward for having practices and what started out as a great lineup soon began to fall apart. Young eventually left the band to go back to university and complete his psychology degree. Read more about ...

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